Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Entertainer in me - flashback #1

My brother seems to have had a great weekend, with a splendid Sunday. I seem to have played a major role in making the day so. Or rather, my old self was. You see, the present was busy having lunch with friends, and watching Vidya Balan promote Aliva biscuits for almost fifteen minutes without a break. (It felt like, there would VB be, to the right of the screen, saying "...,andar se healthy", and next moment, she'd come in from the left of the screen holding a packet of Aliva in her hands. And this happened over and over again)

So, what did he do, you may ask, that made the day seem so special? Well, he had been to my aunt's place with his wife. Maybe it was one of our cousins who started it, or maybe it was my aunt, I still don't know. But they ended up watching the video of my aunt's wedding.

To set the record straight, I was seven when this aunt of mine got married. (Like Bertie, I too have quite a few aunts, though probably not of the Agatha-type. Most of them are the Dahlia-types :) ) And through most of my school days, I had very short hair. I'll stop the description here. Like the Bean (or was it a Crumpet) once said, there are certain things that one mustn't speak about when gentlemen are present.

Alas, I digress. Anyway, I had no inkling that this is what they were upto, till my brother called me and told me he was watching Spiderman. I was busy getting ready for lunch, so I just asked him if it was so, and put down the phone.

My brother called me again when I was on the bus, and from what he was describing, I thought he'd been watching Jaws.

And then he told me, "Check your mail. I've just sent you a photo." I told him I could see it only later, and asked him what it was about. He then told me that they had, in fact, been watching the wedding video. It seems I was wearing a red T-shirt and blue jeans (hence the Spiderman). And then, as the video progressed to mealtime, it seems I went and stood in front of the camera, with my mouth full of something. And then, probably out of curiosity, it seems I just looked into the camera and came out. (I'm sorry I couldn't describe it better). (Looks like I had a scientific temper even back then ;) )

At this point, it seems everyone fell to the ground laughing, everyone who was watching the video, that is. My brother then said he'd call me later, as he was still laughing so badly.

And when I finally checked my mail, there was this photo my brother had sent me.

Suffice it to say that my parents got their daily dose of laughter. (And so did I, when you come to think of it).

Wow, when you look at it this way, I seem to have been an entertainer even back then :)

That's it for now. Hope I continue to be an entertainer :)

(P.S. Note to self : Remember not to open the mail with the photo without taking sufficient precautions)

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