Monday, July 9, 2012

Rambling updates

So, on Friday, I dragged N along to meet MS, who was leaving the next day. It's not for nothing that my sense of direction is legendary within my family. But N being very courageous, set out with me. We finally managed to reach the Adyar Anandha Bhavan at T.Nagar (which we would have reached much earlier and without much cost difference if we'd taken an auto the whole way, but then, how can I take an auto, that too, in Chennai?)

While we were on our way, MS called me every now and then, and I kept telling her, "See, we've started", and updates like, "we're waiting for the bus. Just 10 minutes". In between the calls, I regaled N with accounts of MS & her 'escapades', and how once MS was waiting at the beach, and R (our friend) & I were on our way to meet her. We'd been delayed a bit by unforeseen circumstances (like having coffee&snacks in the canteen and meeting our old classmates), MS was there much earlier. As we stood in the bus, R called MS to tell her that we were almost there, we were nearing Santhome. But in reality, where were we? Not even at Adyar :) Needless to say, it was a while before we managed to get MS to calm down...

Given that MS was pressed for time, (and that we'd made her wait a bit ;) ), we got to spend just about 15 minutes together, ten of which were spent in going through her wedding&reception albums while reminiscing a bit and talking about our friends. But, true to form, I didn't let my stomach down, and managed to make time for a rasogolla :)

As my mother later pointed out, we could have happily spoken on the phone for much longer, MS & I. But still, she got a darshan of me. Which should hopefully help her sail through till we meet again...

When we left MS, N&I called my brother, and he said he'd take a while to start from work. We decided to surprise him, and so we went to his office. When he finally came down, we called him on the phone. He asked us where we were, and we said, "Look up, right in front of you", like in the movies. Poor guy...

We went to this restaurant, and I ordered idlis (my usual safe choice), when the waiter asked me if I wanted Kanchipuram idlis. Thinking that those were the huge fluffy ones, I said yes. When our orders arrived, my brother & N both started staring at me to see how I was going to eat. You see, these idlis had a layer of carrot on top. Plus, my brother reminded me that they used curd in the batter. Carrot & curd. Two of the items on this big list of things I don't like.

I somehow managed to finish it, and then realized that my brother had known all along what the food would be like! But, having been satiated, I forgave him.

Saturday took us to Pondicherry, from there to Mahabalipuram via the ECR, then to my aunt's place and finally back home.

Now, if you've been travelling since 7 in the morning, shouldn't you just sit back and relax in the evening? But, no, they just didn't do that. My cousin started playing the video. The Video - the one I'd mentioned in my previous post, taken at my aunt's wedding. That was when the evening's entertainment began.

First, the entry. Spiderman style. Come running from the side, enter the frame, climb on to the stage by hopping on one foot. There. That entry could have been my gymnastic routine...

But thankfully, I was not alone in the entertaining - there was a shot of my brother slapping his head, then dragging me and another cousin somewhere.

Alas, his role was a mere cameo compared to me. Yes, I was back in focus - the priest was handing out the rice with which to bless the couple, and so I'm going around holding my hand in front of me, as if I were begging and saying that noone gave me the rice to bless them with... Fast forward a bit, and there I am, yet again - running and hitting my brother from behind to remind him to continue the fight he was having. And again, on the swing, where I got myself place to sit by (slowly) pushing out the others who were already there.

"Fortune, fame, mirror vain, gone insane but the memory remains "

Anyway, the rest of Saturday and half of Sunday just passed. And I got onto the train. Though how I managed to do it would require a post in itself. Anyway, here I am, trying to convince myself that I'm still awake...

(P.S. I finally called a friend I was supposed to call when I was there - in fact, she'd called me, but I went in for dinner just then and completely forgot all about the call. And when I called her today, she told me that she'd called before having her dinner, as she wanted to shout at me! The girl who once had her head bitten off by calling me when I was hungry seems to be out for revenge! I need protection!!!)

(P.P.S. : I made SM and her friends feel awkward by sitting like a silent sceptre while they were having a long conversation... But then, I usually am like that, even with people I know, so small wonder I lost my tongue with people I didn't really know)

(An update: I forgot to mention the lovely coffee my brother woke us up with on Sunday morning...)

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