Thursday, July 26, 2012

Of chivalry and other things

I've been meaning to post this for some days yet, but, you know, this thing called laziness keeps getting the better of me. I've finally managed to beat it for a few minutes, but it's sure to rise like a phoenix and have me back in its clutches. So, a quick one for the time being...

On Friday evening, a group of us went out for dinner. It was raining, and there were eight of us, with Boy joining us at the restaurant. We started at 6:15, and by 6:30, we were still starting. It was around 6:45 before we could finally sort out the logistics involved, and actually set out.

Now, I was in two minds as usual - my initial plan had been to stay back, but SM had brought her bike that day, and as she has to cross my house on the way to hers, I thought of going back with her. In the end, I decided that I would decide after the dinner was over. And so, I went around carrying my bag with a laptop, the books I was going to read during the weekend, water to drink on the way...

We were four girls, but as SM was taking her bike, SP said the rest of us could come with him in his car. And so, we got in and reached the restaurant. M&SS slipped out of the other door, and I'd put my bag down next to me, trying to decide whether to get down with my bag, or get down first and then take it. And, voila, the door's suddenly being held open. I looked up, and SP was there holding the door for me.

It was a good dinner, and quite a long one too. Starting with the tomato soup, which SP kindly shared with me( as SM&M shared another vegetarian soup), and ending with the belgian chocolate ice-cream, which no-one other than me wanted to order, but everyone including me had a taste of, it was a good evening out.

(On SM's insistence, I pored over the menu card for quite some time. She declared that she'd never eat out with me, as I was 'unadventurous'. As if that is news to me... I told her that in that case, she should meet PM, who likes trying out new stuff.)

As it was close to 9 by the time we finished our dinner, and what with the heavy downpour, I decided to go back to my hostel. SM's mother called her and asked her to stay back as well, so I invited her to spend the night in my room.

We returned to campus the way we came, but as Boy had brought his car, he dropped a couple of people back. SS, M&I got into SP's car, and SS and M got down at the hostel. I came back to the lab, and it was again SP who held the door open for me.

Now, I'm not usually the demure damsel kind, and I really remember thinking, "Wow, an act of chivalry!" I was just telling SM about this, and she agreed that it was 'gentlemanly behaviour'. I'm not normally a fan of the so-called chivalrous acts, and I find that nowadays, I seem to be the one holding doors open for people, and waiting to see them off safely :)

Speaking of holding doors open, why, even MV did it for me yesterday. He sometimes does do what is commonly known as an 'act of chivalry', but well, this, coming on top of SP's was almost too much.

Anyway, looks like my 'free' time is up, only this time, it's not laziness but fatigue and sleep that are beckoning to me.

Goodnight, folks...

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