Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Of new victims and old sightings

I seem to have found a couple of new victims.

Yesterday, A brought me a book (which I started reading almost immediately, naturally). (SM had just lent me a book a couple of days ago, and I've managed to stick to my resolution of saving it for a soon-to-come train journey.) And then, we somehow got started with PGW, and I promised to lend him some books.

I went home, and it took me quite some work and effort to find the books. I was so happy to find them, that I called A to share the good news with him. (Poor guy, I felt I had to share it with him, and so called him almost thrice, by which time methinks he had no choice but to answer :) ) I called PM &SM too, but was unable to share the good news with them too.

Anyway, fast forward to this evening, when I met SS with her friends. We just started talking of guitars and music, and I left to go back to my lab. They were still around when I returned a while later, and after dinner, we started walking towards the hostels.

SS' roomie had already called her twice, but, by then, we'd started talking books. Ask anyone who knows me how it is when you start talking books to me. Ask M, AP, AM, PM - I have a long (read loooooooooooooong) list of books that I want to read, and a longer(you can imagine how long) list of the ones I've read. Plus it's one of the few topics it's tough to get me to stopped on, once I get going.

(A friendly warning here to anyone who doesn't know me - don't ever get me started on books, music or my brother. Not unless you want to die of boredom. If you still get me started on any of these, well, it's at your own risk. I've warned you, and it's your lookout now)

And so, poor Ms.SS ended up being subject to my "famous"  reading recommendations and finally, I stopped myself and told her I'd mail her about it, or maybe send her the accession numbers of the library books.

And so, naturally, I'm happy. Who wouldn't be, when there's fresh blood around? ;)

Oh, and on another unrelated note, I finally got a darshan of Bong Boy (not to be confused with SRC) today.

It was like this. KM has been helping me a lot, and she's leaving tomorrow. So, she'd come to my lab today, and after a discussion, she was walking back to her lab. As I felt like having some tea (I'd been about to go for one when she came), I walked with her till the canteen. We continued our discussion over chai (though to be precise, only I had chai), when I perceived Bong Boy at another table.

Now, who's this Bong Boy and why am I making such a big deal out of him, you might ask. Well, Bong Boy is well, a boy. Using almost Holmes-like (the Sherlock one, not the Katie) powers of observation, I've concluded that he's a Bengali guy. Studying Physics. I don't know when or why I concluded that, but I have.

I've been wanting to verify my deductions for a while yet, but there's a slight glitch there. You see, I have no clue as to who he is. I once pointed him out to Mr.Mercury, in the hope that he'd identify a fellow-Bong. But no, our beloved Mr. Mercury turned only after the Bong Boy had left, and then he shouted out to me, "Is this the Bong Boy", or something to that effect.

Short of going up to the fellow himself, I can't think of any way to see if I guessed right. I somehow don't fancy going to a practical stranger and asking, "Are you a Bong Boy from the Physics department?" And the fact that he's never seen alone also puts a spanner in the works :)

Anyway, I'm not desperate to get the verification. I have other things on my mind.

Like the cream biscuits in my bag which are now calling out to me and telling me it's high time I left this place and went to them.

See ya! (as A says :) )

(P.S. A friend told me I seem to be 21, and not as old as I really am. I've decided it's a compliment. :) If you think otherwise, well, you're entitled to your opinions :P )

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