Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Yet another random post

I though of doing just a little post, but, you know, the words just gushed out, and before I knew, the post had grown beyond the couple of lines I initially had in mind. It ended up being yet another of the random-update-posts I seem to be doing a lot of... So, here goes :


My friend V is back from a workshop, and he was telling me about it as we exchanged notes on how the place was, when I was there with RS & JP a couple of years ago, and how it is, now.

As I was leaving the room, I suddenly remembered a conversation we'd started some days ago, but which we never got to complete.I asked him about it, and a while later, I was enjoying the breeze, reading with music playing in my ears, and he came there. He told me what had happened.

And then, I realized I had absolutely no recollection of what he was talking about. I can vaguely remember going to the canteen with SM, seeing the group there, and then talking to her about the bus which would be leaving soon. But V tells me I'd definitely heard what ,hmmm, let's call him MG (for now), said. And that it'd made me mad, following which I just made small talk for a couple of minutes before leaving the place. V kept stressing the point that my reaction, and how I looked on hearing that still remains in his memory.

Alas, I don't even remember it. I asked SM if she remembered it, but she said she'd never ever paid much attention to what those people were saying, to have done so on the date in question. Sigh! So much for relying on someone else's memory...

And the song stuck in my head is 'Remember when'... Ironical, no?


And if MG had such an opinion, then why bother calling me to say he's leaving? Why even bother about a farewell if it's so much trouble?


On a different note, I told Mr.Mercury last evening that I was not his friend. To which he replied that I was his 'dearest friend'. And AS was kind enough to add that that meant I was the dearest friend to a Bong Boy.


Last morning, I had tea with my SLR (though I think that now he's become just the LR, what with SM reading my posts too!), and we had a long conversation - much of which was either about books or related to them (which was why I could participate in it!). As we were taking leave of each other, I saw SU coming there. As I wanted to talk to her, I waited by my cycle, and then thought maybe I could go near the shop and see her when she came out. I was just looking around for a moment or two, and suddenly what do I see but SU cycling away :) I didn't even realize when she'd come out!!!


Poor JP, I bored him to death last evening - I located him in the canteen, when we started talking, and then we took a long walk till his room. Nearly 20 minutes went in a conversation covering Korean movies and novelettes :D It was only when I remembered that I had a bus to catch that I realized we'd been talking for nearly an hour and a half!


Looks like Boy is again missing out on sleep - I was telling him last week that he was looking sleepy (I should know - I am sleepy so much of the time), yesterday he was looking fresh and bright... And now, he's gone back to looking sleepy.

And oh, he looks grown-up nowadays :D

But then, I'm a kinda-fan of stubbles. (Sheesh!!!, as NV would say ;) - but I still feel like a blushing schoolgirl when I say things like this!)


And finally...

It was M's b'day yesterday. And NV's tomorrow. So here's sending my wishes to two of the loveliest people in my life.
And two of the few people who take my craziness and try to knock some sense into me every now and then. (Not all the time - they know overdoses can kill)


That's it for the time being. Adios, folks!


  1. My memory for "those people" (and what they say) who successfully gather less than "feeble" attention of mine is surprisingly low ! hahhhahahah...... !
    In other words, sorry to disappoint you with my "Feeble" memory in this regard ... :-P

  2. Sigh! I was hoping someone would tell me if it indeed happened, and you dashed my hopes...

    Still, so long as you remember other things, it's ok...