Thursday, June 28, 2012

Dream on, Sam

I woke up early yesterday, for a change. As we were having our morning cuppa, I was telling my mother about the dream I'd just woken up from.

For some strange reason, in my dream, we were all in tents. The 'we' here includes an assortment of people - my mother and brother were there, plus some of my friends, an old friend of my brother's (who once came running all the way to our house to prevent the ice-cream he'd bought for my brother's b'day from melting), some neighbours. I don't remember the rest of the dream. I remember that it had something to do with our being in tents, as I found the image in my mind's eye extremely funny.

My mother then told me she'd had a dream too, where Protugal and Spain were playing a match. (Some background info here : my brother had chosen Portugal as his team to win the Euros, while I've been a Furia Roja supporter for quite some years now. And things were heating up with the semi-finals between the two teams. ) She said that after a while, the game became very friendly, and suddenly there were two balls on the ground, so each team played with one and kept scoring, playing away to their hearts' content.

I still do not know if she actually had the dream, or was trying to pull my leg. I often end up swallowing tales whole, and then realizing that I've been had yet again...



One morning last week I woke up from an unfinished dream.

And so, I'd just drifted off to sleep, having just re-read The Fountainhead. I'd checked the TV, but as it was the time between the two Euro matches, and as I couldn't even get the score of the first, I decided to go to bed.

And, suddenly, there I was walking. To my bus-stop, around campus. And suddenly there was this guy following me. It was really funny, and then I suddenly decided it was time for lunch and started on my way to the canteen.

There it was, the canteen from Madras university, in the middle of the HCU campus, with the steps of the bakery near NIAS leading up to it :) Anyway, when I reached there, I just sat down at a table. And then the guy came, discussing something with two girls from his class, and I joined them!!! We all went to sit on the stairs, and I finally took my box out of my bag.

Alas, I woke up just when I'd started eating...


The other day, when Germany was playing Greece, I chatted with NV after a long time. As I was unable to watch the match (and had to settle for reading live commentary instead), NV was giving me frequent updates as we chatted of various things - we had quite a few things to catch up on...

Anyway, she said something very funny, it brought back memories of the times I used to ask her for advice, and she'd give me more food for thought.

And so, I've been running that conversation over and over in my mind, with the effect that earlier this week, I had a dream featuring me and he-who-must-not-be-named :D

It struck me as an extremely funny one, as far as dreams come, but NV (who's now studying psychology) might do some analysis and end up finding some deeper meaning to it. The subconscious desire stuff, you know?

(I, for one, am glad that there is no way this dream would even come true - it's way too absurd. And awkward as hell. I'm sure he-who-must-not-be-named will feel the same, if he ever came to know :) )


Anyway, what with being up most of last night watching the match, by the time I went to bed, I just dropped off into a sound sleep.

Maybe I should take a siesta now, just to make up for it, and maybe to see if the day brings any interesting dreams ...

(P.S. : The title is half-'borrowed' from a song called 'Dream on, Hayley'...)

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