Thursday, June 14, 2012

Present, sir!

I'm being asked why I haven't been blogging of late. (actually, only SM asked me) I've been busy getting my brother married. :) And gorging on the special wedding food. And also ganging up with my cousins to tease my brother.

I did have a few good ideas for posting on my blog, but they'd disappeared by the time I actually sat down to write them down. And so, this post is just to say I'm still alive. And I should hopefully be back to writing soon.

And as the good ideas seem to have gone, my mind is blank at the moment. Well, almost. There's a voice singing "Stop crying your heart out" in my head, but it seems stuck at the "Hold on" which keeps repeating over and over endlessly. And something from the book I was reading is also floating in my mind.

Anyway, I've to leave now. I have a team to support, you know. And I have to wake up by midnight when they start playing. So, adios, folks...


  1. Good to have you back on blogger.
    Been thinking of messaging/mailing/calling you but thought you might be busy with the post-wedding clean up sort of things.

  2. Pssst... The real reason is I've just been plain lazy... Keep the secret to yourself, ok? :)

    Looks like you're also back in town :)

    Hoping I'll blog more often now...See you around

  3. Yeah sure. I got back in town thinking that My guide needed me here urgently only find that he wanted to share some minor enthusiastic news. I felt like a stupid traveling on a bloody bus all the way from kerala, risking my neck! :)

  4. :) And I can't find my guide!!!

    So, you're back somehow... Good!

    You seem to be blogging quite a lot these days :) See you around...