Thursday, April 19, 2012

(Yet) another random update

It's been a while since I wrote something.

Anyway, I finally met PM after ages. He asked me what I was learning to play, and I was stumped. Tip-of-the-tongue phenomenon. It took me a couple of minutes to tell him the name of the song I'd been playing (Before the dawn, Judas Priest) , what with one part of my mind recalling the chords I'd been playing, and another part singing snatches of "Besame mucho" & "Amanda"...
Taking a risk, I ordered a Chole Bhatura, and when my order came, I realized that they actually serve two bhaturas...i couldn't finish it completely (and so I'm now missing the little part I left uneaten). While we were eating (he had ordered a Masala Dosa), someone came and asked about the bikes parked outside. PM went out to see what the matter was, and ended up paying a fine for wrong parking!!!
It felt really good catching up with him, and seeing some of the photos he showed me, I wondered for a moment whether I should be back on FB. (But no, I don't think I will, just yet. Life is so much simpler sans it.)
And yeah, PM being one of the Happiness-Inducing-People in my life, he's put me in good spirits yet again...
(P.S. I'm thinking of starting a new blog (yet another???), for thoughts I want to get out of my head, as this blog seems mostly for my happy memories & humour (is that what it is supposed to be?)... Still, let's see... Will let you know...)
(P.P.S. Why do I suddenly feel like singing "Does my ring hurt your finger" &"Enter Sandman" at random times?)

(P.P.P.S. : The Tamil New Year celebrations seem to have gone on well despite my absence. I heard that the food was "heavenly" & "really good". Would have liked some info on the programmes as well :|)

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