Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The diagnosis

I was woken up early on Saturday morning, by the feeling that there was something wrong. And what do I see? Water, water, everywhere, like the Ancient Mariner. Water under my right hand, water around my feet... Even on the hem of my dress. I discovered that the reason behind the sudden flood was my beloved blue-bottle (err, my water bottle, actually, which happens to be blue in colour), my constant companion; which I had omitted to close properly in my sleep.
It was with a jolt that I remembered that I'd kept my mobile right next to my bottle, but thankfully, it didn't seem to have been affected. Or so it seemed at that time.

Anyway, I went back to sleep and woke up much later. Oh, correction. Was woken up, actually. With a cup of steaming coffee. So, the day was off to a good start and progressed well.

Fast forward to the evening. I felt music-starved - I hadn't listened to my music collection in almost 5 days! What with both my earphones having become articles of decoration, and the presence of other people providing a not-so-conducive atmosphere for my musical tastes, I had been forced to listen to the songs only in my mind.

And yeah, I'd just taken my books out, so naturally I just needed some music. I find that singing along makes me enjoy my studies more. (The flipside being that, at times, like during my Class 12 boards, I started needing music to get started on answering the questions.)

Song 1 went smoothly. So did song 2. And just as I was screaming my lungs out halfway through song 3, kaput. My phone just blinked and went to sleep. And my efforts to bring it back to life went in vain.

A phone-less Sunday was followed by a phone-less Monday, which found me finally taking my phone out to do a post-mortem on my phone. I did have to walk around a bit, but finally, this salesperson in a shop took the phone from me and opened it. He then told me the battery had no charge in it, I told him I'd tried to charge it, but it wasn't getting charged. So, Mr. Salesman took the battery out and licked it and told me, "The battery is dead. You need to replace it." I thanked him, and took the phone and walked out. What else can you do when faced with the proof in the form of the results of rigourous testing (err, should I say tasting)?

I was supposed to get the battery replaced today, but due to unforeseen circumstances, that (happy?) event has been put off, and I remain phone-less. I had to borrow the phones of a couple of people to make a few calls home. Asking my friend to lend me his phone for a few minutes was somewhat easy. But I was forced to ask a couple of people I wasn't familiar with, and oh my! This first girl I asked simply refused without even bothering to hear me out. I had a hard time convincing this other girl to lend me her phone for a minute, as I told her it was an emergency. Thankfully, she obliged me after a few minutes, and I thanked her and left. My! What a harrowing experience!

Anyway, a friend has kindly offered me temporary use of his old mobile, but I'm yet to collect it from him. For the moment, and for a bit of the immediate future, I remain phone-less. And extremely happy :)

It's time I went to see if I can borrow someone else's phone till my friend lends me his :) Adios,folks...

(P.S. 'The Final Diagnosis' is one of the best books I've ever read, and it's right there quite near the top in my list of favourites. That's why the title)
An update : I got the above-mentioned phone from my friend, but what my friend forgot to mention was that he didn't have a charger for it. So, now, I'm back to sqare one despite having two phones with me :)
And A kindly lent me his phone. As did Mr.Mercury and N. Thank you, people!


  1. What a condition, Suchitra. But I guess, except for some issues it's quite fun having no connectivity. The last time I was phoneless, I lazily put off getting a new one for almost a week because I started enjoying it a bit. Besides, I was in south campus and that was the time no one in their right mind would come there to see if I was alive. :-)

  2. :) I was enjoying the phonelessness too, except for borrowing phones to make a couple of necessary calls. Pity that in these times, we're forced to have a phone even if we're happier without one :)