Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Of nature rambles and more*

This evening made me feel like a Blytonian schoolgirl out on a "Nature ramble" :)

The weather being lovely, N called me for a walk along with S&A once they came out from their lab meet. So, we set out, after some minor delays. We climbed down the stairs, and a few minutes were spent with A&S discussing whether to walk or take their bikes, and where to go.

N then named a destination, and started walking in the opposite direction, and after some more discussion we started again. From where we were standing, we had to go right, but N had started going left, and the discussion saw us going straight :) So much for directions!

S then suggested that we have some chai, and so we took yet another path. Despite the initial plan being that we'd get the chai and walk with it, we ended up sitting down for quite a while, and changing our destination yet again!

At last, we set out again, and just went to the nearby lake. As three of us weren't wearing shoes, we didn't go very deep into the trees. A climbed a tree, and N&S explored some rocks. I just walked with them like a silent spectre (I typed in sceptre, but it didn't sound right, and it reminded me of Milton's 'On his blindness', and good thing I rechecked it - a sceptre is a staff, which I don't think I am!).

I had a lovely time before I left for my music class where I fiddled with all the knobs and buttons on the guitar and the audio system trying to get the sound of the guitar on the earphones; till the guy sitting next to me pointed out that the jack connecting the guitar to the the audio system was missing :|

And all the time, I had such a good opinion of my independence and skills. Sigh!

* - what a truly terrible title!

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