Saturday, April 21, 2012

Movie magic. Or magic movie?

Last night, following a few calls from my brother, I watched a few minutes of a movie. Kutty Pisasu was being aired, and I got to watch it for a few minutes close to its ending.

Climax. There's this guy with a magic charm bracelet. There's this little girl playing some music. Looking like this :


I won't be able to do justice if I try to describe this scene. Maybe you could watch this (it comes around 3:50 )

She had this expression almost the whole time I watched (which was about 10 minutes ;) ).

Simultaneously, there's this graphics snake breathing fire, and something like a robot.

So, there are two Good vs Evil fights going on. The little girl suddenly starts flying around, and the villain's protective charm falls from his arm following a duel with her (there's also a Ramya Krishnan Goddess dance (an Amman-movie types staple) sequence in between), and ends with it getting stuck beneath her foot. Good 1-Evil 0.

In the other battle, the snake tries to swallow the robot head-first. But before being swallowed entirely, and while still hanging with its head inside the snake's mouth, each of the robot's arms suddenly grows a sword. The robot just raises both its arms (now swords), and cuts off the snake's head. The headless snake now exercises its powers, and the head and body come together again, this time the entire robot gets swallowed again and spit out covered in fire...

Good wins 2-0. :)

After this, I had to leave, and the channel was changed. Next time I checked, the credits were on...

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