Saturday, April 21, 2012

Just this and that

- My friend M thinks that it's good to have a lab to go to to be alone. How I wish it were so! But M, sorry to disillusion you, the only time you get some peace and solitude (in our lab, at least) are the unearthly hours between 4 & 9 in the morning. And if you're lucky enough, maybe for a few minutes around the lunch hour.

- Last evening, I was waiting with my friends T,N and R waiting for a concert to start. It never started, and I lost patience. I later heard it'd been very good. Anyway, while waiting, T & I were just talking about music, and T decided that I was going to put on a one-(wo)man show. And how! It seems there would be an acoustic guitar, a drum kit, a bass guitar and a keyboard on the stage, with me running around and playing them one by one. Just imagined that :D

- Our terrace is a lovely place, even at 4 in the morning. Sitting there when the day is just beginning is such a nice feeling.

- I don't know if it is just me, but every time I get started on my reading, something happens to distract me. Like, the time when I decided to start studying, the moment I opened my book, I had to help a friend with something. The next time I just read a line, this group of people came and started talking. I just have starting trouble. Once I get started, I don't get distracted that easily. (I do get distracted, though :) )


  1. Oh... there I was sitting with an idea in my head that science department students have labs and their life is more comfortable. Sorry! The sad part is that whenever the University arranges for something good to be in use, people are always there to misuse it to the core. Be it the library, which has turned into a chatterbox, or the CC, a personal (or collective) porn theatre (sometimes in the dark times of night)... Finally, when it comes to our convenience and privacy.. the rooms are the only places left!

  2. Ah... there again comes an issue : my roomie doesn't like the light on late into the night, I hate the light on during the day :)
    Maybe I've just grown more intolerant or something...
    Guess I have to make the best of things...