Friday, December 20, 2013

In parallel universes...

The past few days, I've been wondering what the me's in other parallel universes would be like...

- In some universe, I would be more interested in clothes, make-up, shopping & other girly stuff instead of football & drumming :D

- In another, I would actually go and talk to people & have long conversations with them without having to know them for ages first. I might even be the life & soul of parties!!! Oh, & I'd be audible even if you weren't right next to me or almost sticking on to me :P

- In yet another, I would walk daintily & prettily, like a demure damsel :D :D :D

- In one, I'd be the drummer in a band :) Oh, & play football as well :P

- In some other, I'd be less picky in my food habits. & I might actually eat fruits :)

- In another, I'd not need to be alone to sing my heart out :)

Wow, that's quite a list already!

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