Thursday, November 14, 2013

Thank you, Praveen

Just a quick note to say thanks.

Thank you, Praveen.

- for all the fun we had.

- for being one of my best friends.

- for making me smile.

- for being a guinea-pig for my gazpacho.

- for making me coffee.

- for listening to all my ramblings.

- for giving me hope in my Spanish-footballer dreams.

- for the teasing.

- for putting up with campus chai on your birthday, of all days.

-  for just being there. And being you.

- for giving me your copy of 'Carry on, Jeeves'.

- for all the encouragement/motivation.

- for not laughing/mocking me for sitting in the football ground.

- for the music recommendations.

- for inviting me to your exhibition at AF.

- for trusting me.

- for not judging me.

- for the Subway coffees and Udupi coffees. (& the Irani chai ;) )

- for cheering me up when I was down.

- for all the hope and optimism when I needed them.

- for giving me the courage to do things I'd been hesitating to.

- for answering my random and at times weird questions.

There are many more things I wish we'd done - I wanted you to see my campus, I wanted to hear you playing the guitar, we should have tried jamming. I wish at least some of the plans we'd made had happened...

But, I'm glad for the moments that we did have.

Thank you, Praveen. Thank you for being a part of my life.

I wish you the very best. May you find success in all that you do, and may your dreams come true...

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