Thursday, November 14, 2013

The true picture

It's time for me to clarify certain rumours circulating about me...

#She's very hard-working.

I wish I were. I'd be one of the laziest people in the world, but then, who can take the effort to make a serious claim and follow it up?

# She's the most sincere student here.

Yet another baseless rumour. What to do?

# She studies all the time, and reads heavy stuff.

No, I don't study all the time. Reading, yes, I do. A lot. Most of the time. And heavy stuff? Just because there are books lying on my table doesn't mean I've read them all. And, well, the presence of a few equations here and there doesn't automatically make it 'heavy'. Or 'serious'.
 As if this weren't enough, Senorita B. wondered aloud where I'd be if I actually studied. At least she, for one realizes the actual amount of studying that I do...

# She doesn't talk / she talks non-stop

Well, I do talk. Non-stop with some people. And not at all with others. There are also days when I just have to talk. And weeks where I just don't feel like talking.

# She's smart.

Not all that much. There are way too many instances where I realize how dumb I am.

# She's beautiful.

:) *Flutters eyelashes* Not really. I'm just another girl :)

Further clarifications as and when needed.

There's so much to do - I've actually been reading the same 4 books for almost 3 weeks now. This from someone who was known as 'the girl who reads'. Ah! I finished LOTR and Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell in less time than that, and I thought they were the ones I took forever to finish. (Not counting 'The Old Man and The Sea', which I abandoned after not being able to move beyond the first few pages even after many months, and 'Crime and Punishment' and 'A clockwork orange' which I'm still only halfway through, owing to their disappearance in the middle of my reading...) Why, SM told me ,"I am getting irritated. You're still reading the same books"...

Time to go back to reading and finishing my pending work. I should have known better than to make statements like "In fact, I've given myself a deadline" (I even felt proud for a moment, for having given myself deadlines!) Alas, laziness is ever-present...


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