Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Just a quick post

Oh, so the whole of  August & September, and a bit of October, seem to have just sped by without any posts... Not that anything is going to change now, but then, there is always hope...

So, the other day, I was chatting with Senor M., my Spanish teacher. And I thought I'd just ask him about the weather, and so I asked him if the autumn had started. He replied, "hahaha, the autumn starts by itself, one does not start it", and I was puzzled. It was only when I went back to read what I'd typed that I realized I'd asked, "Have you started the autumn?" #Facepalmmoment

The other day, I was talking to my mother and telling her I needed at least half an hour to cook a meal, but she could do it in a much shorter time, given her speed. And she asked me, "Are you saying I'm a fast woman?" It took a minute for me to realize that she was playing with words!

And now that I'm actually supposed to write something, I'm suffering from Writer's block every single time I put my pen to paper or my fingers to the keyboard. And as usual, I can't even go back to read what I've written, not even to revise it :(

On an unrelated topic (not that the above were somehow related topics!), PM finally served me coffee made by him :)

Ah, I'm wondering if I did actually wake up in the morning, or did I just reach the lab in my sleep?

Serious question to be pondered over...


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