Friday, December 20, 2013

Senorita B

My friend R used to tell me about a certain girl named B. And when I finally went to take an exam which B was supposed to take as well, R told me, "You'll find a very smart girl there. When you see her, you'll know it's B". And that was how I met Senorita B for the first time.
(On an aside, R seems to have done some PR work on my behalf as well ;) & yes, modesty prevents me from elaborating further on this. Plus, "knowing how way leads onto way, I doubt if I should ever come back" :P (That fellow Frost did put it ever so nicely!) )

Anyway, back to Senorita B... It was later when the results were announced that we became classmates & friends. She's one of the few people I became friends with almost at once. And yes, like R had said, she was smart. In fact, she is really smart. Add to it some real hard work. & yes, that is a bit more like her.

And the best part is, she has a terrific sense of humour. And most importantly, she laughs at my (often pathetic) jokes. She even tolerates my puns (though at times I have to explain to her what I meant. Like ERnesto ;) ). She has equally crazy dreams. (& so she cannot make fun of mine, which is a big plus ;) ) She does not take offence easily, and know when things are said in jest...

And like any other human being, Senorita has her share of faults, the most glaring one being a certain fondness for the word 'Podi', which she throws on me every so often & in every context she can. (Methinks she's on some kinda secret mission where she has to use up a certain quantity of 'Podi's' & she uses them all up on me...)

But then, we've had so much fun that I can overlook these faults ;) Like our 'mirar fijamente' at the senor & her trying to provoke me by saying how the senor chatted with her even after returning to Spain. & finding a new target to 'mira fijamente' at. :) & our language madnesses... Her letting me stay in her room & her visit to my campus...

Ah, Senorita B, there is so much more to say, but on another day, maybe...

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