Friday, April 26, 2013

Random updates - as usual

It has been nearly three weeks since I last posted something here. And, as SM says, 2-3 line posts aren't the real thing :)

So well, life has been going on as usual. My team lost a crucial match, which I stayed up late to watch. Well, to stay up reading live commentary, if you wish.

 I ended up watching like this. And yes, I know he's from FCB, but well, this was how I was for most of the match.

And Mr. MV was kind enough to rub salt on my wounds.

Well, I've been trying to figure out why we lost. Could it be that lucky dress is no longer lucky (in which case I have to get a new one!)? Or could it have been because I've got a couple of German rock songs stuck in my head? Or did I misread the sign - on the morning of the match, just as I was crossing the road, I came across a guy wearing my team jersey, complete with logo and all. Well, so much for it...

And now, onto non-football stuff...

So, these days I have a lot of 'besht' friends, and a 'gang' with whom I have my meals. And if I go out of the university, I have other 'besht' friends. In fact, they seem to be everywhere!

Speaking of which, I suddenly remembered how I once thought ,'Oh, that was a gentlemanly and chivalrous act by MV' :D

I've been having weird discussions with PM (who is diplomatic as ever), and I've been practising my Spanish. (That I seem to be stuck with the label of 'dangerous', in addition to 'crazy' is another matter altogether.)

This past week, half the time I've been sitting in my guide's room, I've ended up hearing German rock songs on repeat mode in my head. No wonder FCC thinks I'm nuts :D

I seem to have become more absent-minded as well - I once called my guide, and drifted off while waiting for him to answer the call, and when he did start speaking, I was wondering what I was doing and who I was talking to - it took me a moment to remember that I'd been the one to call him to ask something...

And oh, I'm back to being obsessed with a word a day. And yesterday, I happened to browse through my book and read some 'marcadores' in the afternoon, and I ended up using at least ten of them in my exam. :) In fact, I was looking at my paper and grinning :D

Well, the weekend is nearing. It's bringing my brother and his wife. And dinner with the Senor. (He and MV happen to be such good friends - and it just struck me that they even share initials :D And well, MV calling MV 'Mo' just tickles me each time I hear it - and believe me, I've been hearing it quite a lot over the past few months)

So, anyway, I'm back to my rambling. And I'd better leave. Hope I write more often. (Well, if you can hope for your team, you can hope for anything :P )

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