Monday, April 1, 2013

How to treat a princess : a step-by-step guide

1. Learn to recognize a princess when you come across one.
                     Sometimes, the Big Bad World might make a princess not advertise the fact that she is one, but you should still treat her like one!

2. Do the 'gentlemanly' acts - pulling out chairs for her to sit on, opening doors for her, getting her food to the table , well, you know, the works...

3. After dinner, escort her back, and ensure that she's back safe.
                    No, it isn't the same as her coming till your doorstep to say goodnight before leaving to go a long way back to her place.

4. Help her. Or at least, offer to help.

5. Remember that she's delicate, sweet and a whole lot of things which you can look up in a Thesaurus...

6. Protect her from dogs, if not dragons!

7. Remember that her choices are very good, be it a sports team, a book or a song ;)

(This was meant for JP, and since I'm very tired at the moment, please excuse me if the post was bad / boring...)

Until the next time, folks!

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