Friday, April 5, 2013


There are times in life when you need a great friend. Like, when one of your closest friends refuses to remind you to take your lucky dress just because you support rival teams. Or, when you need someone to listen as you go on endlessly about Spanish footballers and other eye-candy. I'm glad I have someone like that.

I don't know if you ever realized, but the first time I asked you for your mail address (for some data my old Spanish teacher was collecting, I think), it took me almost the entire day to find the guts to do it :) Never at my best with people I don't know well, I was worse off knowing that you were one of the best students in the class, and the one who'd rattle off every single word of the recordings we listened to in class.

It was only when I asked you about your backpacking plans for Chile, and you replied, that I felt we were actually having a conversation. I don't remember how we got talking over the phone after that, but I do remember that it was only after long discussions and much encouragement from a school friend that I decided to ask you if we could actually meet again. And boy, am I glad I did. :)

I always assumed you and I lived in different worlds, and it was only that day when we met (and you bought me a chocolate tart*) that I realized I'd been wrong, you were such good company and so easy to talk to.
Once I joined guitar classes ( thanks to you again), it felt like we'd been friends forever. I remember you having to tell me quite a few times that it was almost time for my class :)

If it weren't for you, I'd have missed Goa and Mohineer Ghoraguli :) As also the coffee at Udipi and the chocolate tart at Cakes n more. And I wouldn't have had chai at that chai-shop near my old college :) 
And maybe by now you know that sometimes it's my turn to pay. And you should actually let me. Unlike the dinner at Grasshopper. :) Something tells me you're going to be luckier than my other best friend - you might actually end up getting the treat I owe you. :)

It isn't to everyone that I can say things like, "I don't want to risk our friendship" (I'm still cringing at the thought of having said it!), or other lines straight from corny novels; and still be friends.
I never thought a day would come when you'd have to actually bear the brunt of my, "Oh, he said 'hi' to me today", "we actually spoke for two minutes" and other such school-girly ramblings :)
I still feel kinda honoured that you shared with me some of the recent happenings in your life. There have been times when I've wondered what it would feel like to be in your shoes, times when I wish you'd teach me the secret of patience and giving someone space. :) (Instead, you're encouraging my crazy dreams :) which I have enough of, by the way!)

The other day, SM told me, "Oh, Praveen is such a nice guy!"

And I realized it's true :)

Thank you, Praveen.

Thanks. For being such a good friend. For remembering me when I thought the world had forgotten me. For giving me the courage to dream. For giving me hope when I thought there was none. For the confidence in me. For listening. And remembering what I say. For putting the smile back on my face during some really dark moments. For trusting me. For making me laugh. For being someone to whom I can actually say , "You look hot", or "you looked like a kid in that photo" or even, "You sound so sexy" without having to think twice about it.

Thanks. For being my guinea pig and liking my Gazpacho (maybe I'll make you tortillas too ;) ). For encouraging me. For taking my Spanish craze seriously, despite the teasing and jokes :). For telling me some things I'd like to hear, and wish were indeed true. For reminding me to look ahead and never give up. For making me feel cherished. For remembering to say 'bye' before you left on yet another of your trips. For all the fun I have looking at maps and marking out travel routes and hatching crazy plans (which I may not be able to realize, but hope that you will). 

(And for condemning some poor soul to my company for the rest of his life! ) 

Thank you.

And I know it sounds cliched, and I don't know how it came to be - my life just wouldn't have been the same without you in it.

A day might come when we no longer live in the same city (or in the same country ;) ), I just want you to know I'm here for you if you need me. (though chances are, I'll need you more :))

(P.S. : Something I'd written a while ago, updated a bit. Just thought I'd post it.)

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