Monday, April 1, 2013

Dream on, Sam - yet again!

And so I wondered if my dreams could get any weirder. Turns out they can. And they do.

So, I had this dream one night last week :

I was sitting on a plane with my mother (it was white, I think), and the plane is moving forward on its wheels. Only, instead of taxiing the runway, it was on the road. More precisely, on the Pazhavanthangal subway in Chennai.

The destination of the flight was Paris, and I suddenly realized that I don't have a passport. I then told myself that as I was anyway inside the flight, I'd just wait until we landed at Paris and then see how the Authorities would react.

And by now I was sitting in the cockpit with the pilot, and we were on the platform at the Pazhavanthangal station, when the pilot stopped the plane. I asked him why he'd stopped, and he pointed to the train coming on the track next to the platform where we were.

And the airport was almost right there!

Anyway, at this point, I woke up and sat up laughing really hard.

I told my brother about the dream, and he asked me if I was sure I could distinguish between a bus and a plane!

Anyway, it's almost sleepy-time again, so goodnight!

(Psst! See you in Paris... when I land... there... ;) )

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