Friday, January 25, 2013

The phoenix post*

I just had a good idea for a post, and in the few minutes I took to make an entry in my journal, I seem to have forgotten it. (Again. Actually, I turned on the computer to post something, and ended up just doing something else and only after logging out did I remember why I'd turned it on in the first place, and by then, I'd already forgotten it...)

Ah... I just remembered!

Sometime last week, I happened to download a couple of Jon Higgins songs, and so I shared them with my brother and his wife. And they started wondering what had happened to me. They couldn't fathom how such music could have been found with me.

Methinks they imagine me something like our beloved Rajkiran here:

(I couldn't find a better image to illustrate a paetta rowdy, sorry.) 

And so, they can't imagine me in a setting like this:

Or listening to:

Whereas I'm actually like this:

 I can see you don't believe me, but well, since when people start believing in the good and the pure and the *insert yet another adjective here*? :P

And earlier this week, B suddenly asked me, "You talk a lot, don't you?", which had me for a moment, and then she said it's been quiet in the class without me next to her murmuring all the time :) In our next class, she told me we keep laughing all the time, and hence mustn't be sitting together! I told her that laughter is good for health :)

Speaking of health, I just wrote 'sante' in my Spanish book, and B was asking me what I'd written. I told her, "Sante. Health. Don't you know?" It was only then that I realized I'd been writing French instead :) The other day, I ended up why what M was saying in the class didn't have any Macedonian sounds :D Maybe I need to take a break from languages for a while... Which I just can't :)

And it's been fun getting to know AP (even if he's a Barca fan!), not least because he said I'm pretty ;) He's Spanish and plays football. What more can I ask for? :P

Before I end the post, I must remind myself to find some other way of referring to people - maybe I should start using nicknames or something - the other day, it took me almost 20 minutes to figure out who NR (a.k.a. CB) was :)

Adios, folks...

(* - The post was forgotten, then remembered. Reminds me of a phoenix coming back to life :P  It's past midnight. And I'm sleepy. There, an excuse for the mess of a title. Or rather, two excuses :) )

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