Thursday, January 3, 2013

Some lit(t)eral ranting

Yesterday, while I was on the bus, I saw a couple of girls getting up from their seats in order to get down at their stop, and one of the girls just casually threw her tickets down onto the floor of the bus. The conductor asked her what she was doing, and she told him that they'd 'just slipped out of her hands'. When the bus stopped, they got down giggling, and the conductor picked the tickets up and was ranting about them.

The other day, I was walking around campus, and I came across a few people who, when they finished whatever they were eating/drinking, just threw the plates/cups/covers on the ground. 

I couldn't fathom how those people could litter so casually. Like I said before (I don't remember when, but given how much it irks me, I'm sure I'd have written about it earlier, too), I really don't understand what people have against using dustbins - why, this major bus-stop where I change buses has a new dustbin, I think it's there in the hope for people to use, at least for throwing their used tickets into, rather than on the ground ; that the dustbin and the area around it seem scarcely used is another matter...

I wish there was some way of drilling this idea into people's brains, but at the moment, I have neither the time nor patience to do so even if there was one. I can only do my bit and hope that the people I know do theirs too.

On a different but somewhat related note, thanks to SM, I've started taking my mug to the canteen for chai/coffee whenever possible. (That the purpose of the whole exercise was defeated last night has been written off as it being still 'early days'). It makes me happy that I seem to be doing a bit (a teeny weeny bit) for something I believe in. (That it also gives me a chance to flaunt my support for my football club just happens to be a side-effect (or benefit, depending on your POV), and not something I actively set out to do...)

Anyway, it's time for me to leave. I just hope that my actions, however little they might be, do indeed matter, and that people get some basic civic sense. (I can only set an example*, it's up to people to follow it :P )

Adios, folks.

* - to be taken in context. I can be used as an example for certain things, like not littering and turning switches off while leaving the room. For certain other things, I can be used as a bad example. Or, preferably, not at all :)


  1. This is something very common among even the highly educated masses. I do not know why but they seem to have a strong aversion to keep their surroundings clean. Or my be, throwing around stuff might make these shallow people feel important (make them look 'cool!'). Anyhow, it is up to us (role models for the rest of the world)to make this world a better place to live. :D

  2. Indeed, Manu :) I'll be happy if we can change the habits of even just one person... Let's see...