Wednesday, March 18, 2015

On becoming (being?) an adrenaline-junkie

I just had a sudden epiphany - I'm becoming an adrenaline-junkie, even if I wasn't one before. I dream of trying white-water rafting & scuba-diving (of course I can dream :P), but it just occurred to me that I do more adventurous stuff on a fairly regular basis.

For instance, today I crossed the road at Indiranagar. (I waited until a big group of people was crossing, but that doesn't make the whole thing any less riskier.) And I don't want to boast, but I regularly cross the road at Banjara Hills. And have even survived Lakdi ka Pool and Tarnaka. If that doesn't prove my inherent courage, I don't know what will. (To clarify, road-crossing is not a hobby of mine, just an unfortunate part of my life.)

I'm even cycling up and down slopes these days, even when there are people walking around. Given my wonderful sense of balance and control, this is a high-risk adventure sport. (Highly risky for the people walking anywhere along the roads I go on.) Why, one day last week, I even cycled down this narrow path, without hitting someone walking from the opposite direction (and more importantly, without falling down myself!) And now, I'm even looking forward to cycling down slopes again :P

I'm loath to blow my own trumpet again, but there are even more instances of my courage and bring-it-on attitude. Like, yesterday, I continued my bath even though there was a big lizard right above the bathroom door. And this evening, I followed a cow (maintaining a respectful distance, of course) for about 5 metres until it disappeared into amidst some trees, and I continued along my way. (To be honest, my first thought on seeing the cow was that I should take the longer road, as this one was unlit, but laziness (and err, an urgent need to pee) made me choose the shorter road. Psst... That's a secret! Now forget that I ever mentioned this. No, no, the real reason was fearlessness. Okay? Get it?)

And hey, my adventurousness extends even to food. Just yesterday I tried a sandwich. (That it had aloo and cheese is another matter altogether.) And I've even been trying stuff like Methi Chaman and Garlic Dosa!!! (At times, I even surprise myself by being this adventurous :P )

Anyway, here's hoping that my new-found (or pre-existing) spirit of adventure remains with me for a long time to come...

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