Friday, April 10, 2015

What are you going to become when you grow up?

Yesterday, SS told me, "You are very funny". I was elated and once again considering a career in comedy. It made me recall the many things (and people!) I have wanted to be, and still do - I'm probably a rival to William Brown when it comes to deciding "what I want to be (when I'm grown up)"...

  • I do not recall this myself (owing to have been very young at the time), but my mother tells me I was very keen on becoming either Manisha Koirala or Steffi Graf. No, not just AN actress or A tennis player.
  • I wanted to be the author of this voluminous novel that would just "strike a chord" with readers and "provide keen insights into the complexities of the human mind and emotions". (I still want to write, but a novella that would be read by someone other than Ms. MK (upon request, to proof-read), and if it did come out even slightly funny, my life mission would be accomplished)
  • A brilliant scientist. Now, I'm just willing to settle for 'scientist', and worry about the 'brilliant' part later. (The ravages of time , the disillusionment setting in with age and all that, you see? Ah, such big and pretentious words and phrases - maybe I should rethink the voluminous emotional drama novel idea :P ) (My cousin, when he was younger, wanted to becomes a 'great scientist' like me - even he had faith in me, so maybe the greatness is an inevitable part of being a scientist)
  • A drummer - I would have definitely been one if weren't for a few minor glitches : not having a drum kit, not being part of a band, and not knowing enough of the right kind of people you need to form one. :P
  • A playwright - something I considered at one point of time, before I conjured up enough drama and stress to cause an imaginary blackout and eventual abandonment of the idea. 
  • A singer - but then I realized it would mean people listening, and no, not the best idea. (I still remember how nervous I was when I had to read a couple of headlines into the mic when it was my turn to read the news after morning prayers in school.)
  • A biologist. (Sadly, being Ms. Butterfingers (as SM says) does not seem very conducive to experimental neuroscience or anything else requiring intricate movements)
  • A biker. Riding an Enfield. (Of course I can dream ;) ) - I have decided to let it wait until I ride my cycle well enough to meet my own high standards :P
  • An activist. (The cause is left vaguely undecided). 
  • A housewife. I even imagined what it would be like. But no, I can't really do it. It makes me uncomfortable to have someone else paying for even my coffee, I doubt I'd be happy depending on someone else to take care of my expenses. There's also the possibility of boredom, and the fact that I'm clumsy and impatient - not the ideal combination for a housewife. (Plus, I don't want to cook all the time :P )
  • A proof-reader - bad grammar and spelling is sometimes so irritating that I seriously considered proof-reading for free. But I have since decided to try my best to ignore bad writing, instead of wasting my time and energy.
  • A translator and tourist guide - I was going to be this super-awesome translator and guide who wowed tourists by speaking to them in their own tongues. But, reality.
  • A secretary - but Mr. SC rejected my offer. I had such lovely visions of reading all day, with an occasional replying to e-mails with "Mr. (Prof./Dr. in the future) SC is out of town right now. He shall get back to you at the earliest", while being provided food, accommodation and a salary. Sigh! He calls me 'over-qualified' :|
  • A song-writer. I wanted to write such deep thought-provoking songs and lyrics which would still be remembered years later. But then reality struck, and I recalled that the only things I am deeply passionate about - food and books, aren't exactly song material, and the things which seem so profound when I write them at night make me laugh and wonder what I was thinking when I read them in the light of the morning.
  • A stand-up comedienne. The recent revelation that I can actually speak when I'm on stage, and also be heard has only rekindled the desire. And also, SS told me I'm very funny. (I'll probably boast about it for a while yet). As did MK, who in fact when a little higher and told me I'm a "genius". 

I wonder when I'll be a grown-up, and what I'll actually be then. :P

So long, folks :)


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    1. Will do, will do... (hoping to finally keep writing long enough to complete it)
      Thanks for the encouragement, Sarah!