Monday, November 17, 2014

Why Ganesha, why?

This week's prediction for Libra

Ganesha predicts that during this week you shall be very sharp intellectually. You may feel like socialising, and might seek out the company of your siblings, people in the neighbourhood or even your colleagues. This week you shall have a good rapport with the people in your circle. You shall also freely share your views and ideas with others. Moreover, people around you shall appreciate your knowledge or skills, which in turn shall boost your moral. Ganesha finds you taking a keen interest in helping people sort out mutual issues. At the beginning of the week, you may not be in a very good mood, but as the week progresses you shall get back in your elements. A new romantic link can also be established through the Internet or in some other manner, feels Ganesha.

Through the internet or in some other manner, eh? I wonder why Ganesha feels the way I talk. "You know, yes, that something. Ah, something else happened. No, not that something. Ah, yes, that something. Thanks, I'd forgotten the name. I knew it was called something." (I say 'something', literally. Sometimes, I say ,' that' or 'this', or even, 'it', just in order not to sound repetitive, you know ;) )

Now even this Ganesha is making fun of my 'love-life'... Sigh! Such is life...

I'll sign out now and wait for the new romantic link which might be established through the internet or in some other manner...

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