Monday, November 17, 2014


Last night, out of sheer boredom, I randomly Googled 'hyderabad dating'. (Go on, Google it yourself. I dare you ;) )

And what comes up?

So, when you want to date, is it a 'sex partner ' that you're looking for?

When in doubt, consult Urban Dictionary. And what do I get? This. So, dating also means, "Socially acceptable form of prostitution".

Thank you Google. Thank you Urban Dictionary.

And, I randomly clicked on the Locanto site, mainly because it did not scream 'sex partners'. Sigh! So much for hoping that it'd turn out to be different...

"25 looking for good housewifes and aunties"
" handsome guy with body muscles seeks woman for NSA satisfaction" (Body muscles? Seriously? Where else do you have muscles?)
"I want sexy girls or aunty s for sex with free of cost" (Yes. aunty s :|)

Then there's an equally wonderful 'women seeking men' tab, where all hot, sexy young women and 'lonely housewives' are waiting for their 'bavas'.

I didn't have the energy or the courage to see what the other tabs said.

Oh, and I also browsed through Meetup. "Myself ABC". 'nuff said. I was out of there.

I'm trying to wonder what a 'date' would be like. What if the handsome guy with body muscles has bad breath or BO? Who is this Aunty S? And what is 'sex with free of cost'? Is 'free of cost' a person? Is it like a threesome with whoever that is?  Why are so many young women waiting for their bavas? What happens if they 'date' anyone other than their bavas? What is so special about bavahood?

My friend V is pulling my leg saying I should totally create a profile on the Locanto site :| Thank you, God, for such wonderful friends.

And now I'll leave... It's nearing midnight, and I'm yet to process and reconcile with this whole new meaning of dating ...

(Yes, I'm a grammar nazi. And remember, even if I'm smiling sweetly at you, I'm mentally correcting your grammar. I do it for my own sake - there's only so much bad grammar I can tolerate. I can understand if you're learning it only now/lack practice. I'll tolerate your bad grammar (but maybe not spellings... yuck!), but only if you write this well. In which case, I'll admire you openly. And if, like him, you tweet PGW stuff and football-related 'matter' ( ;) ), then I might even wonder what a date with you would be like... And then, I'd remember that dating is looking for a sex partner, and since I'd actually want to talk and befriend (not to be confused with making fraandship) you (first ;) ), 'dating' is not an option...)

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