Wednesday, November 5, 2014

What my friends think...

On a whim, I once asked some of my close friends what they thought my autobiography would be like.

Senorita B said it'd be soft porn. 

SM said it'd be a collection of random anecdotes, all starting with, "Oh, and then there is this other mental/ridiculous/funny thing I did..."

Dear darling MK said it'd be filled with Spanish footballers and written in at least five languages, and dotted with 'stupid men who don't deserve me', and 'one Prince Charming who'll come riding on a white horse and take me to happily ever after'...

(MK, is there some place where you can place an order like this : Spanish footballers (quantity: 2, preference : goalkeeper), and Prince Charming (quantity : 1, horse colour : white (in stock)/black(out of stock) ), same day delivery available?)

AP was the only one kind enough to say , "deep".

(And my mind was abuzz with 'that's what she said' jokes)

UP said it'd be chaotic, hilarious, and like a cookbook. I later pointed out to him that I prefer to eat, and writing cookbooks would mean I'd have to do the cooking, which I'd rather not...

SC said it'd be a monologue...

HC said it'd be interesting :)

And this is the kind of friends I have... Sigh!

(Though I also wonder why/how they stick around despite knowing I'm totally loony)

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