Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Of threats and treats

Looks like you don't have to be rich, famous or even drop-dead gorgeous to be on someone's hitlist...

I've just been thinking and recalling the things people have told me they are going to kill me for :

- I was told, "voy a matarte" for finishing a 2-hour exam in 20 minutes! (I was even told I should sit in the last bench right by the door, so no one would know when I finished the exam )

- A friend once told me, "I am going to kill you when you come here", and later mellowed down enough to just want to kick me. The reason? "Simply" :|

- I get threatened, with death and loss of friendship, if I talk to or about certain people...

- As if death threats weren't enough, people tell me they are waiting with sticks and weapons. Why? Mainly because I haven't been able to visit them, even when I did finally manage to take a break. (Though I didn't want to take a risk by calling their bluffs and get beaten with sticks and whatnots :P )

- Why, I was even told that someone would cut off my braid in a bus. Just because I had beautiful thick hair at one point of time.

- And how can I forget my brother and cousins threatening to let drops of curd (and pieces of fruits and veggies I don't eat) fall on my plate/leaf while eating, especially if I don't comply to their requests...

But to be honest, I haven't always been at the receiving end of these threats. I have made some of my own ;)

(My brother says I was born a rowdy, so he'd say all this is perfectly in line with my character :P )

- I have threatened SC that I would sing to him. A lullaby. In Marathi. And that I'd embarrass him in front of his friends. (Details not to be revealed here ;) )

- I have told friends that I'd let them sample my cooking. (I cook quite well. Really. Just don't ask my brother ;) )

- I made a friend watch Child Moon (err, Pillai Nila). (That he took revenge on me is another matter altogether)

It isn't my fault that people mistake my treats for threats...

I'm threatened too. And not just me, my team as well - my friends (& also my brother) tell me that my team will lose the match, sometimes because I fail to do something they want. (And other times, well, just because I support the team!)

Oops... Ignore the second part. I am *NOT* a rowdy. ;)

Thank you :)

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