Monday, September 15, 2014

Of Spanish footballers, SJ and the revival of hope

Ask any of my friends, they'll tell you about my crazy dream of marrying a Spanish footballer. Now, that makes me sound like a gold-digger which I am not (I don't like gold. And super-rich footballers and I are out of each other's leagues ;) ) Let me clarify. By Spanish footballer, I mean someone who is Spanish (Basque included ;) ), and also plays football. Preferably out of doors. He doesn't have to play for Real Madrid. Or even in the Segunda Division. He just has to play football. (And he should become my boyfriend. It's ok if he doesn't propose to me at the Bernabeu after a Real victory over Barca or Atletico - I'm not picky like that)

This dream of mine has resulted in me being the butt of jokes quite a few times. Like, the time in Spanish class when we had to say something we would have done in the future, and I said I'd have lived in Spain for a few years and written about my experiences there. And my teacher said, "after marrying a Spanish footballer". :| Or, my brother, talking to me about Spanish Iyengar boys named Ronaldo Iyer and Iker Narayanan.

Speaking of Iker Narayanan, I don't think he has been born yet, maybe I should pray that he be conceived soon. Cougars seem to be trending. Why, just yesterday, Yahoo had an article on May-December (or is it December-May when the male is younger?) relationships in Bollywood (can't find the link now, too lazy to search). By the time this yet-to-be-conceived Iker Narayanan is an adult, older-woman-younger-man couples should hopefully be quite common. But until then, I'll try and settle for just a Spanish footballer. Not necessarily Spanish Iyengar. Why, it might turn out that Iker Narayanan doesn't play football. I must be prepared for such an eventuality, no? Always good to have a backup plan, no?

Moreover, I was recently told that these Spanish guys, when they are playing a match, can't really see me in front of the TV on another continent. I think it's partly because their matches are usually played past midnight our time, and so the lights are off. There are floodlights in the stadium, but not where my TV is (other people usually sleep by then!). I don't really blame them. But I don't know what to do about my friends who shatter my dreams with their cold logic... Pobrecita me...

With all this gloom around me, I could do with a ray of sunshine. Which is what I got chatting with SJ this afternoon. SJ is this girl from my French class. She was quiet (she said she still is!). Plus, she usually had a book in hand. And she sometimes spoke Spanish in the French class. It was thanks to her and her FB page that I discovered some really awesome music. What more does one need before considering someone a friend?

Anyway, SJ and I chatted this afternoon, after years. She tells me she is in Spain. After catching up with her, I told her about the Spanish footballer fixation. Being the nice, fun girl she is, she said she'd look for one for me, another for some other friend of hers. I suspect it'll be while before she sets up her "bureau", the BoNE (Bureau of Novios Espanoles (potentials)). Until then, I can only wait and hope.

Thank you SJ, for reviving my hopes and restoring my faith in humanity and assuring me that not everyone is heartless and just waiting to rain on your parade. You're a good friend. I will definitely take you out for tapas... (and that's not a bribe ;) )

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