Thursday, October 30, 2014

Not Spanish...yet

Today, I was asked what the usual cuisine in my house was. I stared at her (the person who asked),  not comprehending what she was asking, or why she even had such a doubt. A friendly prompt, listing options such as Italian and Mediterranean plunged me deeper into confusion. I hesitatingly answered, "typical South Indian", and added, "Why?". She tells me, "Do you remember the Freshers' and how you were introduced? I thought you had been born and brought up in Spain." Sigh! I wish! :P I reassured them that KK had just been pulling my leg, though I was indeed mad about Spain and dream of marrying a Spanish footballer.

* Flashback mode *

Freshers' party last year. We had to select a chit with our names on it, and introduce that person. And dear Mr. KK got my name. He mentioned something about my being a Spaniard masquerading as a Tam Brahm girl. He also spoke about my playing the guitar.

(I had to introduce a guy I had hardly interacted with (not that I interact with many people...), and after mentioning that I'd just spoken to him a few times, I said something to the effect of, "He works on something related to Information Theory, and we once discussed something. I don't know what exactly he works on, but he works on something." I used "something" at least five times in the three lines I spoke. Ah, I digress, this post isn't about me... (or maybe it is!) )

* Fast forward to the present*

I thought everyone knew my Spanish locura, but this was the first time I was mistaken for someone who has lived in Spain :P All in good time, ma cherie - I am definitely bestowing my presence on my beloved Spain, but just not yet ;)

Hasta pronto!

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