Saturday, January 4, 2014

What SC did**

SC* has done it. He has officially crossed the point of no return. He asked for it. And boy does it make me happy!

Yes. Yes. Yes. He asked me. TO. RECOMMEND. SOME. BOOKS.

Now, anyone who has been my victim knows me will vouch for my love for reading. And so you can imagine the pleasure of getting to show off the diversity of my readings share with someone the books that I enjoyed, in the hope that he/she (or is it they?) does, too. (Not that I wait to be asked - if I get the tiniest hint that any of my 'friends' is looking for something to read, well, even if not, I feel happy doing PR for the latest book I enjoyed, or any of the stock favourites :P) (Oh my God, that was such a long sentence, and it unfortunately reminds me a so-called 'story' in Women's Era!)

Ok, SC. You can relax. I have a few others I can recommend books to, so you won't be under constant threat of being overwhelmed. But at times, yes, your inbox will be flooded. Why? Since you asked for it :P*evil grin*

Ah, I think it's time I got back to the reading I'm actually supposed to be doing now... Adios!

(*-  The S* of the previous post will be SC from now onwards...
**-  I'm suddenly reminded of 'What Katy did'!)

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