Tuesday, January 7, 2014

About me

Ok, I've been reading a lot of blogs of late. And I've been reading the 'About me' pages, which are often very interesting. So I thought why not enlighten people with some things about myself (so that they realize just how wonderful, awesome (ah, modesty!)I really am ;) )

I am just another statistic.

The girl you see with a book in her hand even while she is eating - I am she. The so-called 'real reader'. The one who waits for her coffee to cool as she finishes the next chapter.

Humour keeps me going. I'm a big fan of P.G.Wodehouse, William Brown (the Richmal Crompton character), Calvin&Hobbes and Pearls Before Swine.

I have so much music playing in my head that at times, I don't even need a music player :P The flip side is that my mind plays refrains of German rock songs when I'm in the middle of a serious discussion, or 'La madre de Jose' (which I find very funny) or the refrain from 'November rain' when I'm walking by myself.

I like studying with music playing (and singing along).

I sing. Not just in the bathroom, but also in the kitchen. And the courtyard of our house. I have nothing to do with the pigeons flying away and the cats running away. I prefer to sing mostly only when I'm alone, though by now my family is used to the screaming melodious sounds of my singing (in various languages!)

I watch football. As much as I can - at least when my beloved team plays. I even have 'lucky' dresses to wear on those days (depending on where I am, and whether it's my club or NT which is playing ;) )

I love words and some word games. Thanks to Tony Sebastian, I now try my hand at cryptic crosswords when I can. (Large Australian bird with three letters, Galahad? ;) )

I love coffee and chocolates. And biscuits. And walking. Dreaming (and daydreaming).

I can be very funny, but unfortunately, very few people get my jokes, at least on the first go. I've also been told I'm the 'Queen of Sarcasm' and the one who contributes to a conversation just to hit a nail on the head. 

I lack this thing called patience. (Well, SM says I lack this so-called 'social cognition' as well, but let's not get started on all the things I lack - not a very long list, of course, but why bring it up now, when you can slowly discover it for yourself? ) Which is why I often end up going early to places and meetings, and, ironically, having to wait :|

I'm sometimes, no, often, lazy.

I'm random and something of an open book :)

I have a terrific family (something I sometimes forget to appreciate!)

I don't often talk much, not at first at least. There are people with whom I just don't stop talking once I start. There are days when I don't feel like talking, and days I just can't stop talking.

I think I've said enough already - you're welcome to try and know me better ...

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