Wednesday, September 12, 2012

B'day wishes

It's been slightly more than a decade since I got to know him.

I can still almost picture the entire scene in my mind - the Young World Quiz competition, where I was surprised to see M along with her friends. And the fun time, when I ended up facing a rapid fire round from M. It was only later in the evening when we were on her terrace that she told me that my answers had matched those of KR, and not hers. And to top it all, I was brought to task for honestly asking her question , "Do you find this guy good-looking?"

Add to this a disastrous 'reunion', where I managed to invite KR, and forced M to accompany me. Needless to say, I did my duty as hostess by making M make the efforts to keep the conversation flowing :) (M, I owe you one ;) )

I wonder how we are in touch after all these years. (Guess it's thanks to technology.) And it's ironical that I am in touch with him still, while M, who introduced us, isn't.

But anyway, though we don't really have conversations these days (not that we had plenty of long conversations before, but a hi and a bye now and then), I'm glad he's one of the people I met in my life.

Happy birthday , KR.

And on a different note, advance birthday wishes to SRC...

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