Thursday, August 30, 2012

Onam special

I wanted to post something yesterday, but Destiny had decided otherwise, and so here I am posting today...

So to get to what I was going to say, well, it might be a good idea to start at the beginning.

M had invited me for lunch at his place, it being Onam yesterday. And as I like food* (* - conditions apply - to be elaborated in a moment) , and as K and V were also going, I thanked him for the invitation and accepted it.

After waking up a bit late last morning (the just-five-more-minutes-of-sleep excuse), and having breakfast in the canteen, I went to the library where I came across a book that I wanted to read, and a Wodehouse I wanted to read (revise, more like it), plus a textbook that looked like it would be of some use. I was almost dozing off, and so I decided to go out in search of some chai. I thought I'd also meet K regarding further plans.

And so, RS, K and I were having chai. It was fun, but we had to leave soon. I'd called M, and he said that everyone was there except K & I.

We finally reached M's place, where the dishes for the Sadya were still 'in the making'. With M helping S with the cooking, conversations were flowing all around. In between, we were given little jobs, like closing a bottle and moving a table. (Though K did have to go to the shop to get some things). (We had to make ourselves useful you know ;) )

At long last, it was done, and we were finally allowed to officially begin the feast. Now, though I love food, I am usually a fussy eater. (No wonder I call myself a paradox!) I really loved the Sambar, and with a dash of ghee on it, it tasted simply heavenly. (In fact, the taste lingered in my mouth till dinnertime!). The rest of the dishes (at least, the ones I tried :P) were great too, but at least for me, the Sambar did steal the show.

As we left, I had one regret - that my stomach could only take so much. If only I could have managed another helping...

And so ends the tale of the Sadya...

But that does not complete the Events of the Day (though it was the highlight), but I'll save it for the next post...

Thanks, M. For the invitation, the great food, and for letting me browse through your bookshelves :P (and for reminding me that you still have my books :) )

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