Thursday, August 16, 2012

Of this and that

I've been stuck with the opening guitar notes of 'The Ocean' playing on repeat mode in my head all day. For a moment or two, it felt like the song was stuck in head, but the crisis passed. It's been just the few notes from the beginning of the song.

I really wonder why it's certain specific things that get stuck in my head. Like the drumming towards the middle of 'November rain', the 'slurred voice of the children cry' of 'Windowpane', or the opening of 'I walk beside you'. The drums in 'Comfortably numb' and 'Free bird'. No, not the songs usually; but only snatches of them playing in a medley almost driving me crazy till I've heard every single one of them at least one more time.


Today, SM said "Hey, you're one big ...", she was going to say stupid (I verified it from her later). Brushing off various helpful suggestions from RS (not reproduced here for reasons of propriety) encouraging her to finish her sentence, she said "idiot". Even I felt that it lacked the punch of whatever she'd been going to say...


I have a lot to look forward to this weekend. There are still a couple of books left over from the pile we bought last weekend. Plus there's this one book which is taking me forever to read, owing to the danger to my life if even a speck of dust sullies the page while the book is in my care. Maybe I should find other sources of books, instead of having to face 'mortal danger', but my tastes don't really run to the highly intellectual stuff that most people around me seem to be into...

Plus, my brother & his wife are coming here for the weekend. Now, that is something to look forward to. And the fact that we just did some major house-cleaning last weekend means that there won't be any major work to be done, so I can happily settle down with my books till they come. :)


Pleasant enough to visualize the weekend from here. But, there is still tomorrow to be faced and lived through before the weekend is upon us.

Better I leave now to do something about that, so I can get to the weekend without a load on my mind...

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