Thursday, October 11, 2012

You know you're in "The Age of Kali" when...

  • you find yourself carrying some heavy books around, only to realize you don't really need them, and had actually intended to leave them at home
  • the lady who works in the canteen reminds you to eat first, and says you can think and read later
  • you wait for a while for your lunch, only to be told it will be delayed further, and finally end up eating something other than what you'd ordered. (especially if some curd is involved! )
  • you get up early in the morning, and manage to get ready early, only to get into a bus which stops before your stop, and then after your stop, with the result that you run to your actual stop only to find out that you've missed your bus by a minute
  • you realize you need to be helped by as many as three people to climb a wall, and then have to complete the climb by literally lying down and hanging from the wall. (and feeling twice-blest like the quality of mercy, having been helped climbing up and then climbing down)
  • your best friend calls you after more than a fortnight just to find out if you're awake and watching the Clasico
  • when your auto-driver asks you why you want to bunk a class, when you're awake early and have sufficient time to get ready
  • when you get weird dreams where you leave your bag in a bus, and get down to take an auto to catch the same bus at the next stop, only to be left stranded when the girl driving the auto suddenly goes to sleep in a shop and refuses to get up, despite your pleas that you have to catch the bus as your bag is in it
  • you have to think twice before telling someone how good they were looking
  • your friend thinks you have a major crush on someone just because you write about them and exchange books with them. (only solace being not termed a cougar this time :P)
  • your friend reminds you of the many barriers you need to cross (especially one involving a dog) before you can get your books back from him
  • you finally get to see your friend playing football, but only when your bus is crossing the football ground
  • you're still reading the same book after three days
  • somebody tells you you can seduce them, but won't tell you how

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