Thursday, September 29, 2011

Wash's the matter!

Recently, I was chatting with a friend of mine. A "new friend", as my friends insist on calling him. Anyway, I was chatting with him, and I asked him what he was doing, to which he replied that he was cooking, cleaning and washing clothes. Upon which I commented that it sounded very domestic.

Now, this person isn't someone I'd expect to be so much at home with certain chores. So, well, naturally conversations die when I make such witty comments. So, it's usually up to me to restart the conversation, and hope that it continues. Till my wit breaks it apart :P And then silence reigns supreme.

I digress. Coming back to what I was saying... Where was I? Ah yes... So, I was chatting with my friend. (In case you have forgotten what I was doing - I have mentioned it only twice before!) I was suddenly reminded of a conversation I had with... who else, but another friend? I asked him if he cooked, he said he could cook to save his life, and enjoyed it. But what he liked more was washing vessels on a Sunday afternoon.

So, I asked my friend, (this is friend 1, the friend I mentioned earlier) if he liked washing vessels. And he said he did!

And it got me thinking how nice it was that most of the guys in my life were well-trained in domestic chores, and even enjoy them. (I just hope that the majority of the m. of the s. is like this, so I can start dreaming of a happy future, where I get served my meals and coffees and teas and snacks ... wow, I'm already off on a flight of fantasy!)

Well, actually, these days, I've also started washing vessels, the one task I avoided till my PG days. In fact, it was Big FM and their RJ's, especially Imsai Arasi, Dheena, Bosskey & Balaji, who gave me company in the initial days. I remember singing item numbers, paettai songs & gaana songs while washing vessels.

A far cry from my school and college days. When I would not even touch a vessel in the sink. My brother was my saviour back then. I remember how sometimes, when I was asked to get a spoon, my brother would come to rescue me as I stood by the sink staring at a spoon inside. He'd take it and wash it for me. And the frown on my face would be replaced by a smile. I remember the times when I'd point out the vessels in the sink that I needed at the moment, and my brother would wash them for me.

And now, I wash his coffee mug for him!

Sigh!!! How times change!

And now, I'm off...

(I'm not apologizing for the pathetic title, as I'm tired of apologizing for the same thing every time!)

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