Sunday, September 25, 2011

Random updates

I was just watching a movie, and it made me wonder. Why is it that the villains are never able to locate the hero, when in the middle of the chase, the hero suddenly ducks down and hides (choose one - crouching behind a half-broken wall/handpump/under a basket/inside a phone booth/under a parked vehicle, especially the hand-cart type...). Why is it that if the hero turns left at a crossroads, the villains turn right, and go more than halfway into the road before turning and seeing the solitary figure of the hero running in the opposite direction? Why do the villain's henchmen always have to utter an earth-shattering war-cry before rushing to be knocked down on being hit by the hero's little-finger-nail? What powers do heroes gain when they tear open their shirt/tie a cloth around their forehead/arm / apply some colour powder on their faces? Why are a hundred badmen with machine guns no match to a hero with a single matchstick?

Ah, these eternal mysteries of life...

And so, my best friend calls me and asks me to send her my recordings. She says, "Send them. Now. I want to be entertained."

And another of my friends stopped eating, owing to be laughing so hard while listening to the aforementioned recordings. (Though she did concede that my pronunciation was right!)

And I wrote this. (After a long time, something written not Under the Influence.:) )


This morning, I dusted a trophy of mine which says, "Star Champ." It made me remember my brother asking me why they had mis-spelt the words on it, as it was supposed to read "Star Chimp." Sigh!!!


So, that's the state my world is in.

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