Thursday, September 29, 2011

More random updates

I just finished watching my first Bengali movie (Pather Panchali). Thanks HG.

It's been raining here since yesterday. (It didn't rain all this time, when I was lugging my umbrella around. Why did it have to start raining just when I decide to put my umbrella at home?)

And the downpour has been affecting my movements.  Last evening, I was stuck in the lab for almost three hours. The only good thing was that I'd been to the canteen when the clouds were still gathering, and reached the lab just as the raindrops started to fall. While waiting for the rains to stop, I spent about half an hour pacing the corridor. Then, I started disturbing the two other people stuck there with me. And to give them some respite, I started calling people on my phone. With the end result that I can no longer make any calls till I pay my bill.

This afternoon, I was caught in the rain again. But thankfully, I had a novel which I read standing in front of our Mess door. :)
When the rains had slowed down to a drizzle, I came back to the hostel, and while climbing down the stairs, I kept thinking that the floors would be slippery, so I should be careful. And next moment, whoosh.......... Down I went, sliding down the stairs... Luckily, I wasn't hurt.

(It reminds me of Anguished English, where a student's essay says, "She slipped down the stairs and lay prostitute at the bottom", to which the professor had replied, "There's a difference between a fallen woman and one who has merely slipped" :D    And all afternoon I was thinking that I was now a fallen woman, thanks to the rains :P)

It reminds me of this other time when I was talking to a friend after my Spanish class. He was asking me why I didn't have any plans of going to Paris, as I could speak French too, and I started telling him, "I am not going anywhere...........". And I slipped down the stairs just then. (That time too, nothing was hurt other than my pride :) Thankfully!)

An announcement to a certain friend who expressed her concern for the people I'd sent my recordings to. Both M & PM (whom I've written about) are still alive. And doing great. I called M as I hadn't heard from her since the day I sent her the recordings. She spoke to me as usual. And I met PM this week, as I had to give him a book. He was also quite well and alive and in good spirits and all that jazz. So, there!

(Did I mention that neither of them has heard the recordings yet? ;) )

That's it for now :)

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