Thursday, December 3, 2015

Random updates *

It's been a while since I wrote in here. Laziness and reddit have been accomplices in stealing my time...


I went home on Sunday, and on Tuesday, my dad and I were talking, when he mentioned that there had been a monkey sighted in the colony the past couple of days. I asked him if he was calling me a monkey, he denied it :|

It made me remember the day there was a monkey trying to take some fruits from the tree in front of our classroom at my previous university. That evening, I excitedly called my mother and told her, "You know, today there was a monkey in our department". And she said, "But I thought there were already 18 in your class."

(I think for purposes of retaining whatever little good reputation I have, I should refrain from mentioning the incident of the monkey and the pop-corn (assuming I haven't written about it earlier)... No, it was nothing serious/interesting/important, I assure you ;) )


I woke up at 5:15 A.M. on  a weekday. By myself and without an alarm. (This has nothing to do with the floods in Chennai, I swear...)

If you ask my brother or his wife, they'll tell you it's part of my preparation to be a proper 'aachaara paati' and pakka 'maami', like the ones in old movies. Their routine is something like this :

- Wake up at 4:00 A.M.
- Clean the doorstep and draw kolams.
- Bath followed by Tulasi pooja. (Hair wrapped in a white towel is compulsory. As is a saree.)
- Wake Lord Husband up after touching his feet. Oh, and with a smile and a tumbler-davara of steaming coffee ready.
- Fill water in the bucket for Lord Husband's bath, ensuring the right temperature. (Optional)
- Stand and serve him breakfast, preferably at least two main items and multiple side-dishes.
- Send Lord Husband to work with his (favourite) lunch cooked and packed and kept ready for him to take.

Well, they also tell me that I might go maapillai-paarthufying, and ask, "Maapillaikku saaraayam kaacha theriyuma?" (Rough translation - 'does the groom know how to prepare liquor?'), or do the standard thigh-slapping gesture (to instill fear in people? I have no clue). They even tell me that I'll probably hold a sickle(?) to the priest's throat and say stuff life, "Oy vaathi, manthratha seekiram sollu" ('oh priest, say the prayers quickly' - in rowdy slang).

I'm NOTHING like either of these extremes, I assure you. Ask anyone who knows me. (Well, except my brother. Or his wife. Or my dad. Or JP. Or SC. Or NCC. )


The last time my brother found a Carnatic song on my playlist, he pointed to it saying, "LOOK, A CARNATIC SONG ON YOUR PLAYLIST!!!" I'm wondering what he'll say now that I've again been listening to a lot of Carnatic music of late... :P

But guess knowing my new current mission of wanting to be able to sing 'Enga Area' fully and without mistakes would restore his faith in me ;)


Will write in again later... Adios, folks :)

(* - I can almost see my family doing what they call a 'headshake' - some gesture they attribute to me, along with the 'naan kaetaenaa?' ('did I ask?) gesture. :| )

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