Thursday, October 15, 2015


Why, Buzzfeed, why? What have you got against me?

First you say you'll predict if I'll have an arranged marriage or a love marriage, only to tell me I will remain single. Then you tell me I'll end up a cat lady, with the cat-related expenses driving me to bankruptcy.

And now, this!

These Five Questions Will Determine Why You’re Still Single

You got: You’re just too fucking hot.

You are just really, really, really damn good-looking. If anyone stands next to you, they will look like an ugly troll doll. I’m talking, like, troll hair and all. They’re going to look like a 3-inch troll doll. No one on this planet has beauty like yours. Honestly, you’re better off alone, because when you walk there are like beams of light that shine off you and nobody should block that.

Yes. THANK YOU, Buzzfeed! Thank you for telling me I'll remain single for eternity... well, and for telling me why :P No, seriously, thank you!

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