Tuesday, July 1, 2014

You can find me

- fidgeting in my chair in the lab
- pacing the corridor
- cycling/walking with a random grin plastered on my face (and often trying to suppress a giggle - the evil brain in my head keeps cracking inappropriate jokes when I'm by myself, or just goes 'por cierto,tan-tan-tan-TAN!' on an infinite loop)
- nose buried in a book (these days, it's the same one for weeks together :( )
- drinking coffee at ShopCom (while ruing the fact that the place now looks like a park with concrete benches)
- sitting with SM at ShopCom and asking her to shut up and drink her tea :P
- with SC, going on and on about the most random things. (This is valid for a few more days, at least)
- fidgeting with my phone and itching to call SM every other minute until she arrives
- trying my best to stay awake (in the lab and at dinner)
- in the football ground on some evenings - just sitting in my corner and watching people play
- walking, lost in my own world (& at times, in music)
- on the phone, nowadays arguing with my brother about the World Cup
- with a vacant expression on my face - "Huh, were you talking to me? What? Oh!"

(This has been lying in my drafts folder for a very long time, so I thought I'd just post it)

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