Tuesday, July 1, 2014

SC special

So, dear boy SC gets a post of his own. He's convinced that only evil ghosts read my blog, and so, dear reader(s), make a note of this insult to you. (Please feel free to contact me, I'll be happy to give you his contact details so that you can have your sweet revenge - just let me watch :P)

SC has been one of my latest victims - I end up talking to him for hours, why, one night, I thought it was still 22:15 and then I realized it was way past midnight, and there I was, still subjecting that poor soul to my continuous chatter. I don't know what all we spoke or why - it was all rambling on and on about random topics.

Maybe I should (re)introduce SC. Let's see - SC is this (now) summer student in our department, yes, one of those all-the-time-reading-papers-or-running-experiments people. He's the one who drank Horlicks (no, SC, I'm not revealing anything further ;) ), the one who eats cup noodles but refuses my offers of garlic-y rice :P He's the one who actually reads a lot of science stuff, but makes it sound as if I read/know a lot. I'd mention some of the things he's introduced me to, but I don't want to create any scandals, you know ;)

I wanted to write a lot more about him, but as he's out of sight at the moment and I have no idea where he is, I'll save the rest for later, hoping that he'll provide some juicy gossip-y material worth telling the world about.

And also, he's promised me a royal dinner, which I'm still waiting for ;) Maybe that'll be worth writing about, and induce poetry that only good food can...

Until later, dear evil ghost readers...

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