Thursday, February 16, 2012

Out for a bit

So, folks, I'm off to Chennai to attend a couple of weddings. 

MS has been periodically giving me updates on the menu. She's promised me that there will be two varieties of sweets. As if that isn't incentive enough, she told me that many of our friends, including our seniors would be coming. I thanked her, saying "so you have arranged some Mallu items for me?", and she gets all hot and bothered just because I called a senior (whom she had a MASSIVE crush on - you could tell just by looking at her face whether that guy was anywhere in the corridor) an 'item', a Mallu one at them. Anyway, I have pacified her, and she's confirmed that the food will include my favourites. And so, I can't deny her the honour of my presence in that august gathering :)

Plus, there's this other school friend of mine who is also getting married on the same day, and he too seeks the honour of my presence...Looks like I'm in demand :)

Talking of being in demand, my brother is blaming me for deserting him this weekend, as he's coming home for a couple of days. And yeah, he kindly informed me that he's going to 'my city' next week. Now, he refers to every city as 'my city' - Madrid, Eluru, Cochin, Kolkata, Delhi - every city is mine (except maybe Mumbai ;)) He clarified that it's Kolkata he's going to this time. Sigh!!! 

Anyway, see you later when I'm back.

In the meanwhile, pray that I get more 'items' (food & otherwise). 

(P.S. : I shall be following Mercury's (HG in my previous posts) - the Bong Boy is on a new mission. (I suddenly remembered my high school chemistry and realized that Hg is the symbol of mercury) )

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