Thursday, February 9, 2012

Conned!!! (Well, almost...)

This morning, I was on the bus, looking out of the window... I'd just taken a break from the novel I was reading, and enjoying the breeze and the beats of lively Bengali song. All of a sudden, my phone rang. I looked at the screen, the number seemed to be an unfamiliar one, and it didn't seem like the usual Idea-Vodafone calls offering me caller tunes, health tips and other such useless stuff. And so I answered the call.

"Good morning. Am I speaking to Miss. S?"
"Yes. May I know who's speaking?"
"I'm calling from a website. I got this number from your friend. You have won our lucky draw. Would you be interested in going on a blind date?"
"May I know who this is? And who gave you this number?"
"I'm sorry ma'am, but that is confidential. Please let us know if you'd be interested in the blind date"
"I'm in a bus right now, and the line isn't very clear. Could you call me after half an hour?"
"Sorry ma'am. This is a limited period offer only..."

Click. I cut the call.

My phone rang again. It was the same number. All this time, since I said hello in the previous call, my mind had been sounding alarm bells and saying that the voice sounded exactly like my best friend, M's. But I ignored the warning bells, but they started again with the second call. And so, I answered the call again and asked cautiously, "Is this M?"

Sound of laughter at the other end.

"OMG, S, did you not recognize my voice?"....

Laughter and more laughter.

Lesson of the day : My best friend has an alternate career as a con artist, so I should be more careful hereafter.

Sigh... If only the offer had been that of a drum kit and not a blind date, and if only the offer had been real... But still, life is like can't have everything :(


  1. I had a friend who used to call others and talk to them about senseless things (mostly), sometimes putting on regional accents even. Together we used to call a particular friends' landphone asking their house for rent! Also, we conned one of our friends into roaming around the city's womens college for a week to get a glimpse of the 'female' caller!
    Some people are natural in this. :)