Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A random thought

Just a small random thought that came into my mind today ...

How times change... When I was young (younger than now, I meant... not that I'm old now :P ), I used to ask my brother to eat the veggies on my plate. If he refused, I'd put on my puppy-dog look (or so I imagine, maybe it was more of a hideous-monster look...), and once he'd eaten my veggies, I'd tell him, please eat this as well, I don't want it.

And then we grew up. When I tried the same thing again, he told me to eat my food, or throw it in the dustbin.

Now, I think the roles have been reversed - when he got a new mobile, I got his old one. When he moved on to the next one, I got the previous one.

Not that I'm complaining :)

Just a random observation, this; that one aspect of my life seems to have come full circle!

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