Monday, May 2, 2011

Right time, wrong place...

Sometime ago, I had come across this blogpost talking about the saliva-drenched tickets that passengers get on buses. I was reminded of it this morning, when I had the privilege of receiving one such ticket. (No wonder I have a Macbeth complex - I have to keep the ticket till the journey was over, and what with the psychological impact of holding a drenched ticket over a period of time, I can't help washing my hands over and over again, and just when I'm finally happy with the result of the endless washing, it's time for the next journey...Alas!)

There's something else which I find even more annoying than the wet tickets. It's the way some women take out money from deep within their clothes. I seriously wonder why it is that so many women find their blouses the best place to keep their purses. On the brighter side (if there is some such thing), at least, some women use purses. The worst I've come across is a woman who kept her currency notes in a roll and when the conductor came, she put in her hand & brought out a bundle of notes, wet from her sweat. That was one day I was glad I had a bus pass and did not have to buy a ticket. Who knows, the washed currency note might have come to me!

(Note to self : Renew bus pass. ASAP!)

I recall one time when I was in a bus, the lady next to me suddenly pulled out a mobile from her blouse. I was stunned. As if it wasn't enough that they present everyone on the bus a "free-show" while they adjust their saree and bring out their purses and what not from their blouses (are they making full use of their bra-straps? Space-saving? Keeping your hands free?), they go about replacing everything back to their places, and spend forever readjusting their sarees. And on top of it, they glance at you as if you, in your jeans & kurtis & a bag are the scum of the earth, the one 'polluting' the air around; and then turn away from the eyes of the lecherous males around.

I, for one, honestly don't understand the rationale behind using a blouse as a handbag (eeks!). I'm sorry if I'm offending anyone, but I seriously don't get it. Give me a purse anyday. I'd rather hold it in my hands, or put in in my pocket/bag. I never want to give someone a currency note or a mobile dripping with my sweat.

Nor would I ever bite the coins I get as change, or the tokens we get in our canteen. I've seen so many people in my canteen biting and sucking coins and tokens, that I almost recoil in horror when I have to get some tokens. I try to distract myself, but some images are not easy to erase from memory.

And it's time again to back to my Macbeth complex ...

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