Sunday, May 1, 2011

Request to G

One of my best friends, G, says that I should talk to my parents about my marriage. He said that given how crazy I was about a certain guy (let's call him X), maybe I should do something about it. G says it doesn't matter about X's history, he's sure it'll be a good match. X & I, we speak different languages, and are from completely different worlds. I'm not even sure X knows I exist. If he knows me, he doesn't acknowledge it in public.

I ask G to find out if X would be interested. But he politely declines, and asks me to find out. I even offer him a treat on X's birthday, which is coming up. But G doesn't relent. He is convinced that I'm crazy, the fact that I adore X adding to his conviction. (Even my best friend has approved of X, and expressed concern if he deserved someone like me!)

Now, G, it's your duty to help this poor damsel-in-distress...

The ball's now in your court... (or should I say on your side of the field?)

(My dear X : Don't worry! And please don't get distracted!!! Put in your best. You have it in you!)

(X is a footballer, for those who're wondering...)

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