Tuesday, April 29, 2014

"You're not the only one"*

SM keeps telling me I have a bad habit (actually one of many, according to her ;) ) of drifting off when she's talking to me, and asking questions which she'd have just answered. Like, she'd be telling me what she'd brought for lunch, and next moment, I'd ask her, "so, did you bring lunch?"

Something of this nature happened this morning, but for once, I was at the receiving end... I'd called my mother in the morning, and was telling her I was going to take a bath. Next moment, she asked me, "So, are you in the lab?" :| (I've always wanted to use this ;) ). I pointed out to her that I don't usually take a bath in the lab :P

Anyway, I was glad I wasn't the only one who asks questions this way...

On an unrelated note, I met ASJ in the morning, and I asked her when she'd woken up... She said "8 o'clock". & for some reason, I heard it as, "Yesterday". I pondered for a couple of moments before asking her, "This morning?", and she said, "I just told you... I woke up at 8". And then things made sense...

And so I drift off again...

(*- Whenever I encounter the line, "you're not the only one", or even think it, my mind starts singing the "you're not the only one" from November rain, and the one from Answer lies within, in a loop playing over and over again till I some other (& usually weirder) phrase takes it place and another song starts playing in a loop. Sigh! Oh, to have a mind without the constant background music... )

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